The Business: How To Believe In Your Business When No One Else Does


I saw something on Instagram a while back that talked about how when a celebrity opens a new business everyone gets so excited to support their new venture, but when a friend or family member opens a business it is more likely to get a negative reaction than one of support. And that my friends is the truest statement I have ever read in my life. 

A lot of us small business owners/creatives struggle with self doubt, impostor syndrome, and all the other fun mental bullshit that makes it hard for us to believe in ourselves. I had an extremely hard time with this when I first decided I was going to open my business. I had no idea what I was doing and had a constant feeling of "who am I and why do I think I can run a business". To make all of that self doubt worse, everyone close to me seemed to doubt my new business too. I had to learn how to keep working towards my goals and believe in myself despite the noise from everyone else. 

What I've come to find in my entrepreneurship journey is that some people will never understand what I actually do or why I want to do it. They don't always understand the long hours for little to no pay, and sometimes that's simply because entrepreneurship is not for everyone. I had family that would put me down and made me feel bad for choosing something that made me happy over a "real" job that would earn me more money. They made me feel like I was incapable of creating something out of my passion. And at times it seemed that instead of filling them with pride, I filled them with disappointment. Can you relate? I'm not gonna lie to you, not having that support really fucked me up for a while and fueled my self doubt for the first two years of my business. BUT I'll be damned if I let all that hold me back from my dreams. 

Learning to let go of all the opinions and doubt from others is not easy. We often don't realize how much of a hold they have over our own thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes overcoming them means putting boundaries up. I stopped searching for validation, praise, and understanding from the Negative Nancy's in my life. Unfortunately it also meant talking to the people closest to me less about the one thing I felt most passionate and happy about. But what I got in return was priceless. I slowly started to recognize my own strengths, my own abilities, and most of all I started to believe that I could run a successful business if I worked hard. I found validation for myself in the long hours of work and the fact that strangers liked my products enough to keep buying them. I became proud of myself for pushing forward and never giving up. I found confidence in realizing I had exactly what it takes to be a one woman business already within me.

This is super cliche, but you can be whatever you want to be, period. There is no asterisk after that sentence with fine print that says *only if everyone else believes that you can. If you believe that you can do something and you have the drive behind it, you're golden. Everything else will fall into place and you'll learn what you need to along the way. Don't ever let someone else stop you from achieving something you feel like you are meant to do. 

This is super cheesy, but I want to dedicate this post to all the people who have every bought something from my shop, supported me on Instagram, or supported me/my business in anyway. You are the ones that keep me going and help remind me that I can do this.