Space Buns Tutorial With DevaCurl


This is a partnered post with DevaCurl, however all opinions in this post are 100% my own.

I told you today's hairstyle would be super fun & quirky! Feast your eyes on my favorite half up do- the space buns! I've been loving this hairstyle on days when I need my hair to GTFO my face as I'm working or on 2nd day curls. There's nothing better than a fun hairstyle to add a little extra excitement to an otherwise normal day.   

What I used:

  • No-Poo Conditioning Cleanser
  • One Condition
  • B'Leave-In Curl Plumper
  • Beautiful Mess Pomade
  • 2 mini clear rubber hair ties
  • 2 bobby pins

My Routine:

I made a stop motion of this process on my Instagram. Go to the Hair section of my highlights to view it!

  • Cleanse & Condition my hair with No-Poo & One Condition 
  • Once I'm out of the shower I flip my head upside down & scrunch in the B'Leave-In Plumper. Then I scrunch out any excess water with a towel.
  • When my hair has fully air dried I part my hair down the middle. I use the tail end of my eyebrow as a guide for where to section off my first space bun. I choose to section on a diagonal to allow for more volume on the half I'm leaving down.
  • When I have the hair sectioned off I use the Beautiful Mess Pomade to smooth down my baby hairs and any fly aways I may have. Then I tie the section into a little ponytail. 
  • Twist the ponytail & wrap it around the elastic to form the bun shape. Next I secured it with a bobby pin & repeated on the other side.

So simple and so cute! Every time I wear this hairstyle it reminds me of Zenon. If only I had all the cool space outfits she did! I hope you guys enjoyed this look & don't forget to check back tomorrow for the last look in partnership with DevaCurl (it's a good one for festivals)!