Monthly Mixtape: March 2018


Can you believe it's already half way through April and I'm just now posting March's mixtape? I'm the worst sometimes blogger ever. I've been quite busy with finalizing some new products coming to the shop this month, collaborations, and photoshoots galore. This month's mixtape got me through it all, hope you guys enjoy it! Ps. I've been a fan of the less wordy Monthly Mixtapes and more straight to the music. You too? Cool, thought so. Enjoy! ;)

On Repeat:

COIN stole my heart for the month of March. I'm almost ashamed of how many times I replayed their albums...almost! I also had February's Monthly Mixtape on quite a bit in the early part of the month. I know, it's weird, I actually listen to my playlists (and I'm probably the only one who does hahah). 

Favorite Songs:

Stuck In My Teeth by Circa Waves, Traumatized by Grouplove, Talk Too Much by COIN, Hannah by COIN, Ask by The Smiths, Lotus Eater by Foster The People.


As always, I hope you enjoy and maybe find someone new to fall in love with.