Monthly Mixtape: February 2018


Ok ok, I know what you're thinking...Monthly Mixtape hasn't exactly been monthly. And you're right, I do suck at blogging! But at least I've managed to get my big old mess of a self together for the month of February. And this time it's bigger and better than ever with over 2 hours of music. You could listen to this playlist on repeat 10.43 times in one day. Yes, I did do the math and I'm fairly certain I've actually done it correctly. Anyways, let's get to the goods!


Discover Weekly

Does this count as radio? I think so. I was really into finding new music this month and by the grace of the music gods aka the people who work at Spotify, this feature gave me a crap ton of new favs.


Glad That You're Gone by The Hard Aches, Cry For Me by HUNNY, Same Same by Waax, Total Meltdown by DZ Deathrays


Enjoy the playlist! If you've found someone new or know and love any of these artists already, let me know! :)