Monthly Mixtape: October 2018


Happy November! With a new month comes a new mixtape and I’m not gonna lie, this is definitely my favorite playlist yet. September was a weird transition month for me after coming back from Burning Man. It was really hard for me to get back into my routine, so far as even not being able to enjoy any of the music I normally love. By the time October came around I was starting to get back to normal and I ended up really enjoying discovering new music, and discover I did! The mixtape this month is full of songs that helped me get my shit together and feel more like myself (lol). Happy listening!


I’ve been very into listening to the Discover Weekly playlists that Spotify curates. A lot of times I pass over this playlist because they tend to include artists/songs I already know which leads to not discovering much at all. BUT this month it was on point and I barely knew anyone on them! I definitely replayed all of these playlists to death.


To be honest, they’re kind of all my fav this month, but here are a few I played A LOT: Washed Up by Bel Heir, That Dress by The Pale White, You’re So Cheap by Dead!, Molly Is A Babe by WATERS, and Broken Machine by Nothing But Thieves. Also honorable mention to Uber Capitalist Death Trade by Cabbage - It reminds me of the Sex Pistols which is pretty rad.


Hope you enjoy it & find some new songs to play on repeat!