Monthly Mixtape: August & September 2017

Monthly Mixtape- Aug & Sept 2017.jpg

Alright friends, I know I've been MIA on the blog for a bit, hence why this post is a two-for! This is also the first Monthly Mixtape with the layout I was originally intending it to have. I want to share my passion with you and either give you something new to listen to or connect with you about loving the same artists! But before we dive in, one thing to know about my music taste is that it can be all over the place, especially from month to month. I also get hooked really easily and when I like something I'll repeat it until I'm tired of it, these two months you'll notice I did that A LOT! 

On Repeat:

Hozier by Hozier

Up until August I had only ever heard Take Me To Church, which was a song I felt pretty indifferent about. But then I heard Jackie & Wilson which led to me check out the rest of this album and I instantly fell madly in love with it. This is probably the first album of this genre (according to google it's Blues/Soul/Folk) I've ever liked in it's entirety. 

Favorite Album:

Speakerzoid by The Jungle Giants

I fell in love with this album because it's crazy kooky and totally unique from anything else I've heard. I played it a lot as I was moving apartments and whenever I had to get shit done, but also wanted to have a dance party at the same time.

Favorite Artist:


(I got a little obsessed haha!)

Favorite Artist Radio:

This one is a 3 way tie between the Hozier/Kaleo/Arctic Monkeys artist radios. They were on a constant rotation all August and the point I now know all the songs on all 3.

Favorite Songs:

Jackie & Wilson by Hozier, All The Pretty Girls by Kaleo, 505 by Arctic Monkeys, So Typical by Coldfront. This is another section that's always going to have multiple answers because I have a new favorite song every few days! I can guarantee there would be more on this list if I had actually written them down like I was supposed to for this post (oops!). 


These two months I definitely had a theme of playing more calming/chill music. My guess is it's because my life was in utter chaos. I came back from vacation and went right into apartment searching, then moving, then having a friend come to stay for a month, and of course running a business on top of that. Having Hozier's soothing voice on repeat is probably what helped me keep my sanity!

What do you guys think of this layout for Monthly Mixtape posts? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Also let me know if you love any of these artists/songs in the comments.