A Year In Review: Year 2


GUYS! I can't believe it, Paper Moon Collective is 2 years old! My little baby is growing up so fast haha! But seriously, I'm so stoked to be celebrating my second year in business. This year was a big one full of exciting opportunities, growth, and finding my brand. 

This past year, and honestly really only in the last few months, I feel like I've finally found my brand's voice. I feel like I have a clear path and understanding of what I want Paper Moon Collective to bring to the table. Before I was creating a jumbled mess of products I thought people would like and that I really didn't have a strong connection to. Now I only create what I wholeheartedly believe in and what I feel fits not just my brand and customers, but also who I am personally. That's why if you've been following Paper Moon Collective for awhile, you may have noticed a shift and the phasing out of those older jumbled products. Of course, I'm still in the process (and always will be) of solidifying my vision for my brand, but this is by far the best I've ever felt about it's direction. 

As with any business there are ebbs and flows. I've been very fortunate this year to have a lot of opportunities for growth, some of which included:

  • My first feature in a subscription box
  • My first big wholesale order (550 pins) and my second subscription box feature
  • Features on websites like Hello Giggles & Buzzfeed
  • Launching my own website/blog
  • Collaborating with other companies 

As incredible as all of those are and as many times as I've had to pinch myself, there will always be room for improvement. The biggest space for improvement this year is our Instagram. I've had both good and bad months for engagement. Just when I thought I found what my followers were liking and what was working for marketing my business, I started getting less engagement on posts and a slower gain in followers. Instagram is really such a roller coaster ride, but I've learned to shrug off the bad engagement days instead of taking it to heart. Another thing I've learned is how to start overcoming my personal downfall of constant self doubt. I mean, I still doubt myself and if I'm good enough all the time, don't get me wrong! But the difference this year is that I've learned how to not let that doubt hold me back. In particular, I've approached brands to collaborate with and said yes to brands that have approached me despite thinking my products/Instagram/voice wasn't good enough. Basically I've learned how to throw caution to the wind and kick those doubts in the ass. 

Goals for the next year:

Collaborations! I have some exciting secret collabs coming out soon, but I'd love to work with as many brands as possible this year! It's such a fun creative process that I definitely look forward to doing more of. I'd also love to jump out of my comfort zone even more and network with some of the bigger names I look up to on Instagram. Otherwise, I just want to keep doing what I love doing and create awesome products and content for all of you to enjoy. 

Thank you all so much for supporting me through my first two years of business! I hope we have many many more years together!