Who's That Girl? It's Kaleigh!


For my first blog post EVER (unless you count melodramatic teenage Tumblr posts) I thought I'd introduce myself!

Let's start with some basics: 

My name is Kaleigh Mathurin (K-lee Math-er-in), but most people call me K! I'm the one woman show behind Paper Moon Collective. I'm currently 24. I grew up in Massachusetts and have the Boston sass to prove it! I've been living in Los Angeles for just about 3 years now with my main squeeze Jordan and our 2 fur babes (RIP Anise) Buddha and Mushi.

How did I start my business:

I graduated Culinary school in 2014 and swiftly moved my life to sunny California. When I moved to LA I thought I'd be baking my mornings away and beach bumming all afternoon. But I had trouble finding my post-grad dream job and was desperately trying to figure out what the heck to do with my life. I was also planning my wedding at this time and started to DIY a lot of decorations, because I couldn't find colorful, fun and affordable decor that fit my aesthetic (which was Fall/Halloween themed by the way...very classy)! After showing my creations to Jordan he suggested that I think about selling them, and BOOM I made Paper Moon Collective!

Fun facts:

If you've been following Paper Moon Collective on Instagram, you'll already know I'm quite the quirky gal. But just in case you've missed out, I'll let you in on some of the weirdness with a few facts about me! 

  • When I go to a diner I always eat the jelly cups while I wait for my food
  • I'm always a combo of happy with a pinch of sass, it makes life more fun in my opinion! 
  • I only have one dimple on my face, the other one migrated to my ear lobe haha!
  • Most of my days are spent singing all day while I work :)
  • I'm always up for anything and find ways to make even mundane things fun & exciting
  • I'm an open book, impulsive and don't get embarrassed by anything...it makes for interesting situations!
  • I remember lyrics to songs better than I remember what I did in a day
  • You can usually find me in jeans and a crop top, unless I'm home, then off with the pants!
  • In the past few years my hair has been too many rainbow colors for me to count!
  • Speaking of hair, I've been back to my natural curls for a YEAR! (more on this in a future post)
  • I use exclamation marks after most sentences. I usually have to go back and edit some out (oops!)

What to expect from my blog:

I'm not the type of person that likes to completely define things, I don't like labels! BUT I can tell you that there will be fun DIY tutorials, business or product related posts, probably some personal things thrown in there and whatever the heck else I want to share with all of you! Mostly I just wanted another way to connect and share my passions with you! If you have anything you'd like to see from me, I'm all ears! (Did you notice all the exclamation marks..it's a real problem!)

What now: 

Go check out the shop and the rest of the website if you haven't already! And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get coupons, advanced product release info, and more!