Monthly Mixtape: October 2017


Another month another mixtape, but for once I'm not late posting it! I had an epiphany yesterday while driving and listening to what will surely be in next month's Monthly Mixtape. I realized that I was a bit silly last month and should have included an actual (digital) mixtape to go along with my post. Why did I not think of this sooner? This month, and from now on, at the end of the post you'll find a playlist I put together of all this month's favs. Now, enough chatter, let's get to the music.

On repeat:

Sticky Fingers

If weekend days spent at the beach in the Summer had a sound, it would be this band. Whenever I put them on I instantly feel ten times more relaxed. And also ten times more likely to make myself a cocktail. They're classified on Spotify as Psych-Pop Regge, which to be honest I have no clue what that's supposed to mean. Personally I think they're a mix between indie rock and regge, which is probably why I like them so much. Something I really appreciate is that each of their albums has a it's own unique sound. Their album Caress Your Soul is very much on the regge end of their musical scale, with Land Of Pleasure starting to mix in more of the indie rock sounds, and their latest album Westway (The Glitter & The Slums) giving the most indie rock vibes while using their regge roots to create a sound all their own.

Favorite Album:

Good For You by Aminé

Yes, I am very aware that this album seems out of place based on everything else I listened to this month. But I've warned you before that my music tends to be all over the place. Good For You is the first recently released hip hop album that I genuinely love listening to all the way through. Aminé paves his own path with lyrics that are insanely relatable on top of beats that are impossible not to move your body to. 

Favorite Artist:

Royal Blood

Heavy instrumentals and vocals with an attitude to match. The only way I can think to describe their sound is just sexy. They are everything you could ever want from a proper rock band. I mostly listened to them as I was driving to photo shoots to get pumped up for standing in front of the camera for hours on end. 

Favorite Radio:


I mean, there really is no need to explain myself here. The 90's had great music, enough said.

Favorite Songs:

B Side by San Cisco, Yeah Ok by Otherkin, Airhead & Best Mistake by Seaway, Caroline & Spice Girls by Aminé


This month's music was a lot less mellow than last month's. My life is still just as chaotic if not more chaotic than last month. However, this month was more for "get shit done" music rather than the "everything will be ok" chill music of last month. Maybe it's because I had a lot of hard deadlines I had to meet in a short amount of time, or maybe its just because I felt extra sassy this month. You can decide for yourself which it was. Anyway go check out the playlist I put together for my October favs below!