Live Life ColorfullY with Paper Moon Collective

After graduating college with a Culinary degree and moving across the country to Los Angeles, CA I was faced with the inevitable post-grad question: What are you going to do now? What I decided to do was take the biggest risk of my young life and start my own creative venture outside of my foodie comfort zone.

The idea came when I was looking for ways to express my love for color in my own home and for my wedding in 2015. I couldn't find the fun, happy, and brightly colored decor that I desperately desired and that would still fit in my budget. I wanted unique pieces that would look effortlessly trendy, but when I was coming up empty store after store, I decided to take this colorful matter into my own hands. I started by creating a flower crown and a pom pom garland and everything grew from there! In October 2016 I created my first pin designs on shrink plastic. I found a passion for creating and expressing myself through my pins and have since refocused Paper Moon Collective around these sassy accessories!

At Paper Moon Collective we love to celebrate color and the people who love it. Bright colors are often associated with positivity and happiness. Our mission is to inspire those positive emotions, as well as, encourage, motivate, empower, and make you feel confident and good about yourself through our colorful creations. We encourage you to live life colorfully.

About Kaleigh:
I'm a quirky and sassy gal that embodies the word colorful in every way possible; from my vibrantly hued curly hair to seeking all of life's great adventures. I live in Los Angeles, CA with my husband, our bunny Buddha and our Siamese Mushi. I love constantly listening to music, beach days, drinking lots of coffee, baking, anything festive, and I'm happiest when I get to spend time with my little family or work on my business. If you'd like to know more about me, check out this blog post!